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    Flash player could not record, how to fix this?


      First of all I'm new to this forum and I'm not sure where to put it even though I'm tech savvy however, with all the latest puts me a bit in behind. Anyway, put this post anywhere that sees fit.


      Ok now, I have attached the image and please see below. Explaination as follows...

      flash problem.jpg


      I will hold the technical details for now, however, I like to superfically explain what happened. To begin with a bit of a history.


      Few months ago I had a problem with my computer with isolated issue. Then of course, it's a fresh OS installed and everything - applications and programs installed with everything updated including Windows updates and even the latest flash. Up untill a few weeks ago, it stopped working/ I would not record, the image above is just like that. I tried uninstalling flash components and reinstalled it again; didn't work. Cleaned the cache; that didnt work too. I forget one other thing right now because I'm frusterated inhibiting communications.


      The version I have currently is: "You have version 11,2,202,233 installed"


      Ok, that's pretty much I have right now and will respond after I receive a reply.


      Thank you.