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    Extracting 2-Page PDFs From a Catalog


      Using Acrobat X.


      I have a 142 page catalog, the bulk of which needs to be diced up into 2-page PDFs.  I am familiar with the "Extract" process under tools, but that means a lot of repetitive, manual work.  What I'm looking for is some kind of batch process or a similar function as this kind of thing will be happening frequently.


      Ideally, I'd like to be able to just say "extract pages: 9 & 10 save, 11 & 12 save, 19 & 20 save, etc.", and press "Go". 


      Things like this are relatively easy in photoshop with actions and batching, but I am unsure how to do something like this in Acrobat.


      The catalog itself is created in InDesign.  Should I be barking up that tree instead?


      Any help appreciated!