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    After Effects Cs.5.5 problem with Invigorator Pro 5 plugin


      I recently purchased a HP Z210 workstation (upgrading from an old 32 bit PC on XP pro 32 bit) with Xeon processors, 16 gigs ram and a Quadro 2000 gpu. I also upgraded to CS5.5 production premium. I use Invigorator Pro on the majority of my work, so I also upgraded to their version 5 64 bit. The new HP workstation arrive loaded with Windows 7 64 bit Pro. After installing both Prod Prem CS5.5 and Invig, Pro 5 I experienced my projects suddenly and unpredictably exiting without warning and taking me back to the desktop. Usually AE just clicked off, a small percentage of the time the project would freeze up...although the mouse would still move around but not actually work. In these cases I would check Task Manager and under applications it would state AE "not responding". Also under applications it listed "Attention !" as a program running. I was not running anything but AE, so I right clicked on the "Attention !" and went to process. It took me to the AE process.  A small minority of times I would get a regular AE crash with the normal crash warning, but very seldom. In all of these situations the computer itself never crashed.


      Thus began a month long series of unpleasant and inept tech support from HP. I won't go into detail other than to say it was a sureal combination of incorrect info, conflicting advice and out and out discourtacy including promised call backs that never happened. I couldn't even use the system recovery disks because I was told I needed a supplemental disk...just one of many "catch-22" situations. I will never buy anything from HP again, their customer support is incredibly inept and unresponsive. The Invigorator Pro (Zaxwerks) people were very responsive, but as of now have not been able to solve the problem. Also Adobe has been very supportive, even though they don't normally support 3rd party plugins.


      I am a desperate person. I'm hoping some one has experienced something similar or may have some suggestions. I've already updated the Quadro driver several times, reinstalled Prod. Premium and Invig pro numerous times. I've tried all different settings in AE preferrences. I finally reinstalled Prod Prem CS4 in the Windows 7 Program Files (x86) along with Invig Pro 4. This combination works perfectly, but of course I want to be able to use CS5.5 and eventually 6 along with the Invig plugin. Please Help! 


      For my own satisfaction, I must repeat that HP has taken customer support to a new low and clearly takes the position (atleast in my case) that "the customer is always wrong...and should be treated accordingly."  I have my fingers crossed that there is a hero or heroine out there to help me end my 4 weeks of this tech nightmare. Thanks for reading.