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    sql inserting new record error

    future-architect Level 1

      I am trying to simply insert a new record using sql.  here is my code:


      $sql="INSERT INTO question(topic, message, datetime)

                          VALUES('$topic', '$message', '$datetime'";



                                    $success = 1;


                          else {

                                    $error = "There was an error posting your question.  Please try again, or contact us.";



      When I try posting a new question, I get the error message.  It worked for me before.  I believe it has to do with the way that my SQL table is set up.  I have an ID field in the table, that is auto-incremented, as well as a primary key.  so not sure why it wouldn't be able to insert a new record there.  don't see anything that could really cause any conflict.  any thing else it could possibly be?




      just noticed it had a cardinality of 3... how do i change this?