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    PHP forms in Catalyst


      Help please!


      I have a php form that I would like to integrate into our Catalyst site.

      IE, I have a form but I want it to sit inside the Catalyst header / side bar / footer.


      Is this possible and if so, how?

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          Liam Dilley MVP

          Hi there,

          You can not run PHP scripts on this system. It is a .net based system and also what is known as a SAAS system - Software as a solution. You do not have access to server side coding.


          BC (depending on the plan you have) has a great web form builder to work with its in Built CRM to build forms, captcha data etc if you need that.


          If you have a form you wish to pass data to an external site, as long as that is just html with the action to go to that site to post the data, then you just insert that html into your template/page/layout - where ever you need that to be.

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            MLM_OSI Community Member

            Thank you.


            What I want the form to do is provide a quote.


            I have a series of questions and depending on the answers to two of the questions, I need a dollar figure to appear.


            Do you have any suggestions how to do this? I've built forms using the web form builder but can't seem to see where I can get it to do a calculation?

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              Liam Dilley MVP

              You need to check out some of the guides and reference material from the knowledgebase:

              http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/search/index.html?cx=014941776559396484648%3Aekxqgmgvzay& cof=FORID%3A9%3BNB%3A1&ie=UTF-8&q=web+form&bc-partner


              If your in the old UI it is under modules - web forms. Under the new UI (Grey and black one) it is under the first menu section on the left (Site Manager).

              If you do not see it you may have a plan that does not include web forms.

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                MLM_OSI Community Member

                Thank you but I have spent (wasted?) hours searching through the knowledgebase and it hasn't helped. I don't seem to know the correct term to search for!


                I can build forms - I have already done this on our site. What I need to do is have clients complete the form, and present a quote based on information provided by the client.


                To give an idea, this is a mock up draft made in php - http://www.oceansky.com.au/forms/MLM_Quick_Quote/MLM_Quick_Quote.php


                On the draft, where it says 'Insert Hourly Rate Here', I want the page to generate the answer to that based on the answers to Preferred Truck Size and Preferred Move Day.


                What is it that I should be looking for or how can I get this done?





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                  Liam Dilley MVP

                  Hey Lisa,

                  You will need to do that stuff with Javascript and have a good knowledge on that. So you would have a form and your results section or elements show/change based on others. As the person fills those in you would form up those results.


                  To post those through the actual form the person uses is just a standard form with no action and based on that information, if you just want the results sent through you can have a hidden form or displayed form (but made not to look like a form css wise) and that is the one submitted into the system.


                  If you would like both stored you would need to use thngs like jQuery .submit so you can submit both forms in one go.


                  All doable, for me its work to do it but not a problem for me. Just depends on how good your javascript skills and style skills are.

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                    MLM_OSI Community Member

                    Hi Liam,


                    I have none of those skills. 0%


                    Can you please email me at lisa@mylocalmover.com.au to discuss a quote?