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    I have a business card from a client with live editable fields. How do I get rid of those?

    TwitchOSX Level 1

      A guy came in the other day to have us print some busness cards.


      He's a rep for some company so the company has the front and back PDF printable files online. The backside of the business card... that PDF has editable fields that the rep can add his info to personalize. So we did that and I sent the files to our print broker. The job is on hold because those fields are still editable and it's throwing off flags in their pre-press department.


      I tried dropping that PDF into InDesign and exporting a PDF from there but the resulting PDF will still allow you to click on the web or email and take you to a browser or email app and that's what the guy in their pre-press department said was a "problem". Any way to shed that stuff so it's not a link in the PDF?