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    How to update CR7 Release Candidate


      Updated CR to 7 Release Candidate, and Updater prompt updates available but produced error on update, "Camera Raw 6.6 cannot be update".  Understand that Cr7 is now available, how to update to this new version from Release Candidate. Running on Window 7/32.

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          LeechJoseph Level 1

          Hi, just managed to update to CR with out any problem on my desktop window 7/64.  The problem I described is on my laptop running on window 7/32, software is CS5.   On checking I realised that the CR has been updated correctly to CR on the laptop as well, I believe the CR release candidate was  However, it produce an error message that CR 6.6 cannot be installed' on the 7/32 machine.  It's not really a problem now, as CR is performing ok, perhaps someone should check why there is an error on 6.6 when CR6.7 is installed successfully.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Paraphrasing the error message and vaguely describing when it happens isn't the best way to describe exactly what's happening.


            Can you take a screenshot of your 32 bit system showing the error message and everything that's happening, save it as a JPEG, and post it here?  That would be helpful for the Adobe folks looking into the issue..



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              LeechJoseph Level 1

              OK, my laptop now shows that CR6.7.0.339 installed

              CR6.7.0.339 updated.jpg

              but Adobe updater still show that CR update available

              CR update available.jpg

              however, update will fail

              Update failed.jpg

              Note that earlier in the day, the updater prompt me to update and apparently correctly update to the latest CR version, but show the above error messages.

              Thank you

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                station_one Level 3

                The Adobe Auto Updater or Auto Update Manger is best ignored.  It has been broken for years and years, sometimes offering you updates that you already have installed (as in your case), at other times failing to show you available updates, and not uncommonly generating installation failures.


                As long as "About Plug-in…" shows the correct version, you have nothing to worry about.

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                  LeechJoseph Level 1

                  Thanks for the reply and as I confirmed earlier in my previous post, CR is operating fine.  Just notice my error in posting it should be "How to update CR6.7 Release Candidate" not CR7. Will ignore the updater.