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    Audio Issues Premiere Pro CS5.5


      Hi All!


      New here...

      I'm using Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Mac Pro, running Lion. Had no issues with it at all until now.



      For some reason, when I'm looking at footage in the source window the audio doesn't play. However if I leave it for a few minutes it 'compiles', the best way I can think of describing it as is buffering. but if I skip forward a substantial amount of time, say 3-5minutes the audio fails. I also have a slight problem with the video footage stuttering when viewing in the source window.


      Looking back at previous edits that I've done they all work fine, its only effecting new edits.


      I've trawled the net looking for answers, followed all the hints I've found from clearing the Media Cache database to reinstalling the entire collection to changing the audio hardware output

      However nothing works.

      Any suggestions?