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    Cannot re-position image via x and y properties after dragging it with startDrag / stopDrag

    Riccardo Moschetti Level 1


      I am using AS 3 for mobile development but I believe this is related to AS in general do I'll humbly post my question here.

      Here is my enviroment


      Mac OS X Lion

      FB 4.6

      AIR 3.2


      I have this problem:

      In order to move an image on the screen, I use startDrag's and stopDrag's equivalents for mobile, meaning startTouchDrag and stopTouchDrag,

      This works fine and smoothly, except that after the dragging stops I cannot further move the image on the screen by changing its x and y coordinates.


      x and y, after the startDrag, seem to have values that are completely independent of where the image actually is on the screen. If I change them, the image's position does not change.


      this is the MXML code to define the image


      <s:Group id="totalGroup" width="100%" height="100%" doubleClick="resizePic(event)" >

          <s:Image id="myImage" smoothingQuality="high"  x="100" y="200" />

          <s:Button id="myButton" label="Re-position" click="myButton_Click(event)" />



      This is the AS3 code: at init, I link touch events (begin, end) to two functions that start and stop drag


          myImage.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_BEGIN, onTouchBegin);

        myImage.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_END, onTouchEnd);

        myImage.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_MOVE, onTouchMove);



        function onTouchBegin(e:TouchEvent) {


        trace ("touch BEGIN X: "+myImage.x + " Y: "+myImage.y);



        function onTouchEnd(e:TouchEvent) {


        trace ("touch END X: "+myImage.x + " Y: "+myImage.y);



      the image moves OK, but the X and Y coordinates are not the coordinates on the screen: they're fixed and do not mirror where the image actually IS on the screen.


      Then I have a button that does this:


      function myButton_Click(event:MouseEvent) {



      trace ("Correctly in here but myImage stays there");



      Except that this does not do anything (albeit no exception is given) and the image stays exactly where it was when I last dragged it!


      Can Anyone help?