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    InDesign/InCopy 7.5.3 is out [ANN]

    John Hawkinson Level 5

      You can tell CS6 is getting close.

      Adobe has released InDesign and InCopy (and InDesign Server) version

      Release notes at http://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/release-note/release-notes-indesign-cs5-51.html

      (well, linked from http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/indesign_incopy/releasenotes.html#indesignCS 55753 if you want to compare InDesign and InCopy and InDesign Server).


      Changes from to


      Architecture / Document  

        InDesign unexpectedly quits when performing certain copy/paste operations. [3073952, 2941163]*

        When opening files from a newer version of InDesign, non-meaningful errors about missing plug-ins are shown rather than a clear indication that the file is from a newer version. [2944763]*

        Degradation in performance when moving objects when display is set to High Quality [3128109]*

        InDesign unexpectedly quits when recovering a file on product restart. [3100953]*


        White stitching line in JPEG export with certain placed images scaling percentage and JPEG export resolution [2987040]*

        Redraw performance for ID CS5 is slow compared to CS3. [2910574]*

        Poster: From Current Frame' option in the Media will not restore the poster from that frame after re-linking. [3097841]*

        Reduced transparency support for TIFF files from Photoshop CS6 [3073238]*


        In certain drag and drop scenarios, URLs are getting changed in InCopy/InDesign CS4, CS5.5 [3054805]*


        Uninstall/Reinstall removes Bridge's "Place>In InDesign" menu item. [3079235]*

      Import / Export  

      Wrong page number on export book to PDF [2940448]*

      INX / IDML

        Tab override gets reset in INX/IDML [2827174]*

        Master applied incorrectly when opening IDML file [3114965]*

        Legacy versions fail to read ID CS6 files that contain files with new Pantone Plus colors. [3119501]*


        Inconsistency in loading and exporting a linked image from INDD [3017929]*

        Strange offset occurs between two pages on same spread [3080049]*

      Print / PDF

        InDesign unexpectedly quits when exporting to PDF with text variables [2866963]*

        Note inside document table with text variable causes InDesign to quit unexpectedly on export to PDF/IDML. [3089441]*

        Unable to navigate document if TOC is on master page. [2907482]*

        Text appears misplaced in certain cases when DataMerge is used to export [2939067]*

        InDesign hangs or quits unexpectedly during certain package and preflight operations. [2982454]*


        Problem copying stories via VBScript when called through an application [3059225]*

        Unexpected shutdown when JavaScript is executed with InDesign followed by closing of document. [3021908]*


        Using Smart Layout with Linked frames causes InDesign to unexpectedly quit in certain cases. [3085379]*

        Fonts not loading from different locations. [3013562]*

        InDesign quits unexpectedly with certain fonts when balancing columns [3099740]*

        Fonts of the same family but different type behave unexpectedly on IDML round trip. [3114961]*

        Certain documents go into infinite loop when adjusting frame size [3113902]*

        Incorrect glyph selection with certain Indic fonts when using specific virama and joiner character sequences. [2849232]*

        Broken spanning columns cause issues with Text Wrap & Keeps Options [2958674]*


        Folio Builder and CS Review's SWFs will not render when '<' is present in doc filename [2971572]*

        InDesign CS5.5 quits unexpectedly on deleting unused swatches using small view option [2987294]*


      associatedXMLElement returns 'NULL' for a merged cell in table. [2946288]*


      InDesign Server Only  

      CCommandLineArgs::ProcessArgsLate will cause product to hang in certain cases when used with LogToApplicationEventLog [2988814]*

      InDesign Server quits unexpectecly when running spell checker on certain documents. [2935990]*

      Document installed fonts get locked on Windows. [2890001]*