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    Sourcepath for Tweener Error 5001

    NOAM1991 Level 1

      I'm having a very frustrating time with getting my directory for the caurina class of tweens to work into flash pro. Havent a clue whats wrong (very very new to coding). Put in the code like this:


      import caurina.transitions.*;



      Tweener.addtween( blackblock, {x:257, y:435, time:1});


      error 5001 states "The name of package caurina.transitions does not reflect the location of this file. Please change the package defintion's inside the file  or move the file C:/where my file is etc


      I looked for spelling errors, made sure I put the right location in the AS settings, but just cant seem to get this right. The code has no syntax errors, so Im not sure if its that. Cant seem to figure out what this defintino of class is.


      please help!








      This is a test file right now, I plan on inserting this as custom code for an on cue point event. So thats why its just that one code im playing with right now.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Where did you place the caurina class files?  I recommend you take a look at the following tutorial.  It might be helpful to you as far as learning a way to deal with setting up class files acquired from external sources/people.




          There is a bit of info you might not want/need telling you how to obtain class files from different sources, so after you see the initial setup, if you skip to around 13:20 into the video the rest of the setup picks up there.  Personally, I do not use the desktop for anything, my only point being, don't feel compelled to follow the tutorial verbatim.

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            NOAM1991 Level 1

            Hi Ned,


            thanks for responding. I put the video on my desktop like the tutorial you just linked me to did.

            Lol..i actually did see that before I went out for help, thats why this part has been so frustrating. It seems like I'm doing everything right, but i still keep getting that error. I fixed every other error I had while coding, cant seem to understand why I'm stuck with making a directory.



            anymore suggestions?



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Describe what you did relative to what the video indicated you need to do as far as where you put the class file - show a screenshot of the folder structure and how you set up the classpath to be able to find the directory for the class.

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                NOAM1991 Level 1



                1. downloaded the caurina class to my desktop.

                2. extracted files from folder, titled "tweener_1_33_74_as3"

                3.extracted files  became unzipped folder on my desktop

                4.renamed unzipped folder to simply "tweener" (as the video said it was okay to do at this point)

                5.went to "actionscrip settings" and in the window i added the "transitions" folder to the "all actionscrip files here".

                    a. I also tried doing it in preferences (screenshot provided for both

                6.I click on publish preview...and it disallows me because of error 5001




                here are things I tried:

                1.deleting extracted files...extracting again...and then keeping the same title as it was downloaded

                2.originally it said I was directing to an empty folder...so instead of putting "caurina" as the main access point in the as settings...i changed to "transitions". That only brought me to 5001

                3.removed the "properties" folder from the caurina folder..thinking maybe flash pro was not reading the files because another folder...but that was before I restarted the process with as mentioned in 1.

                4.removed the "tweener" folder..and just made the "caurina" folder the main folder on my desktop...shortening the length of the directory



                here are the snapshots:


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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I can't really follow what you say you did/tried, though it doesn't sound like you followed the tutorial.  If you plant the caurina folder that you downladed directly onto the desktop (which your last two images seem to suggest), and in your Flash file you want to use that import line...


                  import caurina.transitions.*;


                  Then in that second to last image you show, the path specification should have ended at Desktop, meaning the entire path should only be




                  assuming that is a valid path for your machine.


                  but, again, that doesn't follow the tutorial in the sense that you should create a folder for your classes to be stored in... I would avoid using the desktop as a class repository.  You make it sound like you are separating the folders within the caurina folder from it.  They should remain in the caurina folder if you plan to specify the import to use "caurina" (which you should... helps you to remember what it is)

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                    NOAM1991 Level 1

                    Hi again Ned,


                    I'll try doing that verbatim, since what I followed in the tutorial was pretty much just getting the files on my desktop.

                    I'll create a folder for classes, and see how that goes.