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    Trying to get wireless remote to work with Flash Presentation... HELP!!!


      I know almost nothing about Flash or Powerpoint.  I was given a Flash presentation I need that I'd like to show at meetings using my new wireless remote, but I can't get it to move forward & backward between slides (works fine using arrow keys on the laptop keyboard - Windows XP Pro).  The remote works fine with Powerpoint presentations, so I know the remote is ok.  Is there some setting/command I need to allow my Flash presentation to work with my remote, or do I need a special remote?  I already talked to the remote tech support (Keyspan/TrippLite) and they were totally unfamiliar wirh Flash and simply said that their unit works with Powerpoint as advertised, which was true, but they couldn't help me with Flash presentations.  Can anyone out there help me??  Thanks very much!