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    Problem with PDF Rotating in Press Quality after upgrading to Acrobat X




      I recently upgraded from using Acrobat 8 on an XP machine to Acrobat X on a Windows 7 machine.  I often need to print to PDF in press quality, and this function typically causes the newly generated document to rotate 90 degrees.  However, in Acrobat 8, I was able to edit the press quality settings so that the output would not end up rotated, but would instead be created in its normal landscape view.  (This was done by changing my printer to Adobe PDF, clicking properties, changing my default settings to Press Quality, then Edited those settings by changing Auto-Rotate Pages to collectively by file.)  I could then save this as a new default setting and select it whenever I wanted to print to PDF in this fashion.  However, after making the exact same changes in Acrobat X, my final document still ends up rotated 90 degrees. 


      So far the only work around I have found is that in addition to changing my settings to Press Quality, I now also have to go to Layout and change the orientation to Rotated Landscape.  This will cause the document to print with the proper layout, but it is an additional step from the Acrobat 8 process, and it cannot save as a part of a new default setting (which for simplicity I have been calling "Press Quality Landscape"). 


      Can anyone help me streamline this process so that I do not have to change the layout in addition to changing the Default Settings each time I print?


      Thank you,