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    Recording via RDC


      I am trying to record through connecting to a VM via Remote Desktop Connection.

      If I start Captivate on my local machine and select the RDC connection as the window to record against I do not get the caption recorded properly.

      It captures the captions as "Select Input Capture Window".  If I run same application locally it properly captures the clicks, Ex: "Select File".

      Are there some settings that need to be adjusted to allow remote capturing properly.


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          RodWard Mythic

          The issue here is that Captivate was really designed to be capturing software that is being executed on the local machine where Captivate can detect the screen events that trigger it to do captures. With a remote desktop scenario, Captivate can't detect the on screen events as it would expect.


          Your best solution in this situation is just to do a lot of manual capturing.

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            BBK19 Newcomer

            Thanks for the information.  Based on your response we decided to install Captivate on the same box that runs the application.  The captions got better but I am still having issues understanding how they are derived by Captivate.  It seems if there is a WPFControlText property on the control, it uses this.  If there is no value for WPFControlText, it will use the ClrClassName property.

            I would like to be able to let our developers know exactly what they need to populate in order for Captivate to get the correct text captured.

            Do we know what steps the tool goes through to determine what text to use for the caption? 

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              RodWard Mythic

              The text that appears in these captions is determined by an RDL file in the Captivate install directory.  There's one there for each language.  Look for a file called: CaptureTextTemplates_English.rdl


              You can edit the definitions in this file to alter what comes out by default on the captured slides.  However, from my experience you are better off not trying to automate this completely.  I NEVER find the auto populated text to be good enough for end users.  So I always edit the text in the captions after capturing and in fact I get rid of most of the captions anyway because I'm doing voiceover.

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                BBK19 Newcomer

                Do you know how it determines what the '%s' value should be within this file.  This is the parameter that I need to find out how Captivate pulls in, as it varies throughout the application.  I want to find out what property this is to make sure all values are populated by our developers.

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                  RodWard Mythic

                  This symbol is a variable that gets replaced by the name of the object or event at runtime.


                  I don't know exactly how it all works.  As a I said before, I think you're wasting your time trying to automate the entire process this way.  But it's your choice.

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                    BBK19 Newcomer

                    I get the fact it's a variable, just trying to figure out what the tool looks for to populate it.  Maybe I'm not explaining myself properly due to the fact I havent used this tool before.  I would expect the tool to capture a caption pretty easily and not be something I have to manually do for every single mouse movement.  I was thinking it would be best to tell the developers what the tool is looking for and have them make that part of their regular coding process to make sure that value is populated (i.e. fill in the WPFControlText property on every control).  I don't think the people I have using the tool will go for having to modify every caption throughout the application because they say they didnt have to do that on previous versions, although that was using a different internal app to test.

                    I think I'll contact Adobe to see if I can get any more detail on what the steps are they use to build the potential variable attribute.  I'll post back if I get any detail from them.

                    Thanks for all the information.

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                      Nia Maestas

                      If I run same application locally it properly captures the clicks, Ex: "Select File".

                      Are there some settings that need to be adjusted to allow remote capturing properly.


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                        RodWard Mythic

                        To my knowledge there is nothing you can configure in Captivate to get better results with remote capture.  Manual capture is your best option.