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    Win 7 and DW 8


      I'm a bit late tot he Win 7 crowd but I like to wait till it is stable and proven.

      I just put an SSD and win 7 in my Sony Vaio VGN SZ330p and I think I'll get another 5 years out if it, unless I kill my self first (MS and Adobe may facilitate that)


      I use Studio 8 because it works and I'm not going to spend another $800 bucks to get som reworked crap.


      I have tried all the different settings for the xp compatibility mode and it still don't wotk right. I have not been able to add the document or standard tool bars. And it crashes randomly.


      Whats up. MS and Adobe just want us to spend more money on crapy software??


      I guess, I'm just getting old.



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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I suspect you've got two options for satisfactory performance:


          1) Run DW8 on a Win XP machine

          2) Run DW CS6 on your Win 7 machine


          I think you'll be permanently frustrated trying to run DW8 on Win 7.

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            adninjastrator Level 4

            I have DW 8 (and the rest of Studio 8) on a 64 bit, Windows 7 Ultimate machine and have not had any problems.

            I use it while traveling and regularly run both Flash 8 and DW 8. I don't remember ever having to adjust any special compatability mode stuff.

            Of course, that doesn't mean that it will work smoothly for you... but still... it works OK for me.

            Best wishes,


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              webbdawg Level 1

              I should have mentioned I bought the Ultimate 32bit version. 32 bit because the Sony only produced drivers in 32 bit and I'm sure they would much rather me throw away the laptop and buy a new one.


              I bought ultimate because MS said it had the XP mode. though now I think I realize that MS probably stretched the truth a bit..


              The program does run  but it seems od that I cannot add the document or standard tool bars, both of which is used all the time.


              I do not want to go back to XP because I installed an SSD to give the laptop new life and XP does not support the TRIM function for SSD drives. I could go to Linux but that is a whole nother can of worms.


              I am just a bif miffed because WIN 7 Ultimate said it would run programs in XP mode........


              I spent Full price on Studio 8 and cannot afford to buy new Adobe Products as the are way over proced just like MS Products are.


              OH Well................

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                webbdawg Level 1

                Well, I actually got the program to work right and got my tool bars working. Not sure how I did it but it worked just like it should have.


                Then, I had a file open that was pretty large and when savine it.............DW crashed. SO I opened it and it seems that XP Mode does not work any more.


                I have tried to recreate the steps I took to get the program working but Win & and DW (studio8) do not like each other.


                If Adobe did not over price the products Iwould buy a new program.


                I have almost $1000 bucks into my studio 8, Win 7 and computer upgrades. I doubt Adobe or MS reall care as there are many fish in the pond.


                PS: I used to program and I lef because software company management cares only to make a company look profitable enough to be bought by a bigger software company. Stock valuation is important.


                Pleae tell someone who cares at MS and Adobe that I am unhappy. I have tried and recieve no responses.


                I will probably have to go back to linux which is where I should have stayed.

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                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Did you get the DW 8.0.2 update?   It provided some fixes that made DW8 more stable.



                  If you can't get DW8 to play nice with Win7, consider joining the Creative Cloud.






                  Nancy O.

                  Alt-Web Design & Publishing

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                    webbdawg Level 1

                    8.0.2 is the first thing I do when installing the 8 version.


                    $119 for the upgrade to CS 5 at the local Fry's and $299 for the full version.


                    Adobe must be crazy.


                    $49 for the Cloud and after 3 years I've bought the upgrade.


                    At 55 years old I wont be doing this stuff much longer and once again I want to thank our modern society and economy for leaving us elders behind.