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    PS CS6 Beta - Crop tool problems

    shunithD Level 3

      Generally, i think the new crop tool is pretty good. However, i'm having some problems with predefined sizes / areas.Let me try to explain:


      1. For example, I have a scanned image that is 26.14 x 20.32 cm @300ppi

      2. I have defined a size called 'Half Page' which is 23.5 x 15.5 cm @300ppi


      Now, what i would expect is that:

      1. The moment i open the scanned image, click the crop tool and select the 'Half Page' setting, the crop boundaries would show up up at the correct setting in terms of size and resolution.

      2. I should then have a window within which i could move the image to get the parts i want into the crop box.


      This is not happening:

      1. The crop size (box) is showing as 23.5 x 15.5.

      2. The info is showing as 26.14 x 17.24

      3. The image size is showing the same and @ 300ppi.


      Obviously, i'm probably doing something wrong or else...


      Grateful for any help!





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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          The Crop Tool assumes you want to resample your image when you specify the sizes in physical units and provide a ppi value, so it derives your aspect ratio from the size fields and sets the crop boundaries to have just that aspect ratio, but covering as much of the image as is possible.  Is this what you're seeing?




          If you really want it to crop to a particular fixed pixel count, without resampling, a better approach would be to define your "half page" preset in terms of horizontal px x vertical px units.



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            shunithD Level 3



            Thanks for the response... but:


            1. When my rulers are set to cm...

            2. My crop dimensions are in cm...

            3. And i've given the ppi as 300 ppi...


            I refuse to see why i should now give the dimensions in pixels as against cm - especially considering there's no change in the document's ppi.  Moreover, the behaviour is the same whether i define a ppi count or not...





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              shunithD Level 3



              Further, even if i just type in the dimensions in the boxes, the crop area is not the same as what is typed.


              As i said earlier, even when i have 15.5 and 23.5 typed in the boxes (Unconstrained), the info palette is showing 17.24 x 26.14

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                That's reasonable - Info is showing you what you have enclosed in the crop boundary at the current ppi, not what you'll get after the crop.


                Since I have described what it DOES do (and what it has always done), I guess my question to you is this:  What, specifically, are you expecting it to do?



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                  shunithD Level 3

                  Noel, to answer your question, what i expect from a predetermined size is that the crop box is at that size. Therefore, allowing me to only have to position the image so that i get the part of the image i want without having to 'fiddle' with the crop box controls/handles.


                  This, as i've mentioned, is not happening.


                  Perhaps i'm getting the wrong end of the stick where presets for the Crop Tool are concerned...

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                    shunithD Level 3

                    Further Noel... just tried setting the predetermined box in pixels... same problem...


                    What seems to happen is that the largest dimension reverts to the image boundary, while the smaller dimension crops into the image. This despite my setting the ppi to 300 - the same as the image's ppi.


                    The way i look at it, when i set a predertimed size, the crop box should be at that size... particularly, as you suggested, when i have pixels selected as my dimensions. And my rulers are also set to pixels.


                    The latest attempt as follows:


                    1. Image size is 20.32 x 26.14cm @300ppi (2400x3087 pixels)

                    2. Crop size is set to 1831 x 2776 pixels (ppi setting enabled to 300 and rulers are also in pixels)


                    What happens is the crop box defaults to the full height of the image and crops in at the sides. Info box shows: W:1831, H: 2776. But it's encomapssing the full 3087 pixels (height) of the original image.


                    The way i look at it i should get a crop box that is smaller than the image and now should be able to move the image around to gt th crop i want. This way i still have to crop into the image and it's then resampling the image.





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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      I have to agree with you in that case (specifying pixels), but I guess that's just not the way they made it work.  I suppose the idea is that they expect you to always interactively choose how much of the image you want retained - that's in keeping with the way it's always worked.


                      Frankly, I too had thought it would work the other way when pixels are specified (and no ppi value entered), though I should have tried it myself.  Sorry about that.


                      This could be another option for you, possibly, if your image is flat...


                      Make the image a layer, choose Image - Canvas Size, and select the (smaller) size you want.  Then move the image around in the canvas with the Move Tool.



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                        shunithD Level 3

                        Yup... that's a workaround... but does slow down work as 'Canvas size' has no preset.


                        Guess, as usual, it's a case of so far but failing at the last 100ft of connectivity!


                        BTW, as long as you're working with a layer or several layers this works... only the background gets totalled. (Referring to the 'Canvas size' option for others - so as to avoid any confusion.)

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                          Noel Carboni Level 8

                          Yes, I was thinking about being able to move the layer around, but of course you can select multiple layers and move them all together.


                          You might want to describe what it is you'd like the Crop Tool to be able to do over on the feature request site:





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                            shunithD Level 3



                            Thanks for all the input Noel. Cheers!