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    How do you export a "flat image" pdf?  So confused.

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      When I export from indesign, I typically choose the "Press Quality" job option to send my files to the printer.  However, I've run into a situation where a printer I'm intersted is having a problem with my pdf files.


      I design with lots of drop shadows, transparency and other effects.  When I open the exported pdf in Acrobat, I see the file layer itself open.  The background appears first then all the graphics in front of it appear. 


      This is what's causing issues with the printer.  If I would import and open in Photoshop, I could simply choose "flatten image" and resave as whatever file type i wanted.  However, I am wondering if there is anything in Indesign already that would help me eliminate that step?


      Thanks for your help, I would love to clairfy if I left any details out.