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    banding in radial gradient

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      I'm going to have to print this on a business card. Any idea why there's that rather odd radial gradient banding in the background? it doesnt look like it's smooth, you can see the blending steps there from the dark to light as little circles.


      Will this be visible during print? when i export the file as PNG i still see it. I've googled and people talk about adding noise and blurs to it. I donthave photoshop here and Illustrator's effects> artistic> film grain + gaussian blur = poor results. The banding was still visible.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't follow. On-screen banding doesn't matter as long as your color separations are right for print. Just viewing a PNG is no adequate test. Create a print PDF and check the separations in Acrobat. Still, even then there may be some banding and/or your color will become full solid. That background is just difficult to print



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            i see the separations, not sure how that helps? the radial gradient there has only two colors though. Why do you say it'll be difficult for print?

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              Your computer monitor is a single fixed array of red, green, and blue pixels that light up. In no way do they correspond to the four separate grids of much smaller halftone dots that will be created in print and rotated to different angles to form rosettes. So the banding you see on screen (in any program) is not representative of and does not correspond to the banding you will see in print.


              If you don't yet have experience sufficient to judge the likelihood of banding being a problem by the numbers, the only way you can reasonably anticipate what will occur on press is to have the printing house generate a contract proof before committing to press.


              It is usually a non-issue, assuming the normal commerical resolution imagesetting of offset printing.



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                thanks yeah, on screen issues i guess. yeah i've mentioned it to the printing house and they said they'd take care of it.