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    Need some help after inserting CMS system


      Hi on my site ive inserted an CMS system from Cushy. It all work that isnt the problem. The problem is that my page is a mess now.. The only thing ive addes is a cms code so im hoping the solution isnt hard to do.


      There are three pages that are complete changed.


      The home page




      The text colomn right under is moved.How can i place this back?


      on http://www.dorff.nl/ you can see how it was before i add the CMS.


      The next page is:




      You can see there is a lot extra space between the head and the text. And you see that the text is not only at the right side anymmore.

      This is how it should be:




      The same goes for this page:



      And this is how it have to be:




      Hope you can help, thank you for looking..


      Regards Brian