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    Why are the adjustment layer controls grayed out?

    Clive Weeks

      I have used an adjustment layer in CS5 and when it was first used I could adjust everything.  Now most of the controls have grayed out and whilst I can slide the sliders I can not type figures in nor use the radio buttons!  Why has it locked me out?  It has happened on a few images and with both Colour Balance and Hue and Saturation Layers.

      controls grayed out.jpg

      The image above shows the problem with the top Colour Balance layer where I can not select Shadows or Highlights, nor type in figures for the sliders BUT I can slide them and change the tick on Preserve Luminosity!  The basic image being edited is an 8-bit RGB file. 


      Adding a new adjustment layer (Colour Balance) on top of this one initially showed the same problem but after adding 3 more new adjustment layers suddenly eveything came back to fully working again - even the original problem layer!

      This problem keeps happening with some of my images.  It is happening on all 3 of our photoshop PC's, so it looks like a basic PS bug.  Has anyone else seen this or know why it happens?

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          You have the mask highlighted do the mouse clicking on the adjustment icon instead of the mask

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            Clive Weeks Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestion but that has no effect on them being grayed out or not.  When this problem occurs it does not matter if the Mask is highlighted OR the adjustment itself.


            But thanks anyway.


            I am currently without the issue on the above example having removed the problem by adding additional adjustment layers and removing them again. Even if I now select just the adjustment mask I can still access ALL adjustment controls without problem.


            But it will occur again as it has done over the last few months on a random basis.  Hopefully someone else has seen this occur and found a solution?

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              This has been driving me nuts for days and I think I have finally figured it out. (I'm also using CS5 extended.)


              In the screenshot below, you will see an icon in the Color Balance adjustment panel.  Somehow I must have clicked on it to get the expanded view in which the radio buttons grey out.  Clicking on it again brings back the standard view and the buttons. I'm guessing this will fix your selective color adjustment panel buttons as well.