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    "roundtripping" FCP7>AE>FCP7 - rendering 1 frame difference

    hillary_knox Level 1

      Trying to do something theoretically super-simple: take a series of shots from an FCP 7 timeline into AE, do noise reduction, render out individual shots, replace original shots in FCP with noise reduction'ed version. Simple, right?


      The problem I'm having is that when I bring the NR'd clips back into FCP, things are one frame off - in different directions, depending upon different settings. I can slip/nudge things by 1 frame in FCP to make it 90% work, but then there aren't any handles to cover the slip. Yes, having clips with handles would solve the problem, but I don't happen to have that in this case.


      Video files originated on a Canon DSLR 23.976 fps, transcoded to ProRes same frame rate, cut in FCP7 in a 23.98 sequence, sent to Resolve for grading & render, back to FCP for re-assembly. When I bring the graded files into AE, it seems to believe that the frame rate is 23.975. I've tried all combinations of things, from fully Automatic Duck, to pump-action Duck (i.e. creating a comp at various frame rates, 23.976, 23.98; interpreting the "23.975" footage to both frame rates), but nothing seems to be working quite right. Everything is always off by 1 frame in some direction or the other.


      This is like the simplest possible thing, and I can't believe that I have to ask about this publicly, but, there you have it.


      Any help would be much appreciated.