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    re editing a recorded action in PS cs4*

    Michelmnr Level 1

      Hi, I threw these same words to the community forum and it returned nothing relevant to my query! Actually there were only 2 entries. However in Google I got many accurate and relevant answers, the problem is that it does not work for me. I know i would have been much quicker to re record the whole action to solve my problem.
        My problem is that I made a new folder that I call "photo manipulation" and moved my "save" folder into it with the new droplet I created. So the action can not any longer save in its original path and my photos get stuck, not even manipulated in photoshop! ,
      All I wanted was to add the new folder in the "save" path between two forward slashes.
        The answer apparently is to double click on the action's relevant portion and enter the new value. As indicated in this segment "Overwrite a single command" as copied and pasted below.
      "In the Actions panel, double-click the command. Enter the new values, and click OK."
      This does not work for me - when I double click on an action command I get a pop up from "Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended" with the yellow exclamation mark and
      [The command "SAVE" is not currently available] Continue   Stop
      and there is nothing more happening whatsoever.

      As said b4 I would have been faster to re record but I'm curious why this edit won't work for me thank you.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Is a file  open when you double-click teh Save-step in the Action?

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            You need to have your document in the same context it will be in when you will run the action.


            If you're double-click editing a Save step, you'll need a document open, so Photoshop can actually run the Save.  Then when it's done the action will be updated with whatever you've done during the Save.


            (This is just an extended version of what Christoph has said above),



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              Michelmnr Level 1

              Is a file opened? I'm not too sure what you mean here. But I have got PS running I have dropped files in my droplette and as said they only get open in PS and the action seems to stop here as it does not recognise my new folder (of course it worked before). I do know this happens because I created an action to reduce photos by 25% before I made a new folder. then decided to do one for 50% but, to tidy my desktop put destination folders and droplets into this new folder (called "photos manipulation") then recorded my 50% action. As a result this one work but not the other.
              And for Noel, I have my droplet and destination folders that used to be on the desk top, now on the desktop but in a new folder. and do understand my path in the action "save" should have this new folder included in it. So according to the instruction I saw, I though all I need to do is double click on the path of the save command and then include the new folder in the path.
              Again I'm not sure about the meaning of "document being in the same context..." The way I see it, it's not any more in the same context since I have added a folder, but I thought this was the point to edit the command of an action, in this case to change the path to match its new and actual situation.
              Obviously there is something I missed or don't understand in this process. Or perhaps editing in this situation does not work? Thank you for your help anyway.

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Normally your action is running while a document is open, right?


                In order to edit an action step, you need a document to be open while performing the edit.


                The way step editing is done, it's like you're re-recording that one step.  You can't do a Save without a document open, right?



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                  Michelmnr Level 1

                  Normally I use this action as follow. If I have pics taken in 10 mpx and want to share them through email I open my photo folder select what I want and drop them in my desktop droplets with an action that reduces my image size by 25% and directed to the folder that correspond to my action (with 5mpx pics I'll use 50% only) and could add other manipulations - So that is why I don't understand the need to "open"  a document as I don't do anything else but drop the file into the appropriate droplet. I guess the droplet will open the file I dropped in it, but for me to edit a particular command of that action (such as its "save path" in my case)  I still don't follow - If I have to go though all the procedure again, I might just as well re- record my action that will automatically follow the right path and after all not take much more time!   I'm not sure if I'm going the right way about it - But yes to start an action, I open a pic in PS, then open a new action press record and go to Image and make  all the changes I want to - Next I go through all the "save" steps (Inc. destination folder) and stop the recording - finally I create a new droplet out of this action.  So when you say "open a document" does this mean I should re open a pic in photo shop and go through all these steps with it?

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                    c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                    If you want to edit a Save as-step in an Action you need to have an open document.

                    The other steps are irrelevant for this.


                    So just try this: open a document, correct the saving operations in the Action and create the droplet anew.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      I guess this is the difference between looking at how it works as a programmer and looking at how it works as a non-programmer.


                      As a software guy, I envision the action working on whatever image you give it through time...  At one point, with the image open as a document it's done all the steps leading up to the File - Save step, and now it's doing that step.


                      Keep that context in mind.


                      When you want to edit an action step, you have to have Photoshop in the same condition it will be in when the action is running as a droplet and it has reached that action step.


                      In the general case, yes, you would want everything just as it is when the action is running.  However, for the specific process of saving a file, you can take a shortcut, as Christoph has proposed above, and just open any old document before editing the File - Save step, because an open document is all a File - Save step is dependent on.



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                        Michelmnr Level 1

                        Hmm it's all getting too much for me! I was comfortable with successfully creating a droplet that worked just the way I wanted until I decided to put both my droplet and its destination folder into another folder...As you know!
                        I'm just a little concrete and tend to be stuck on "open a document". To me PS is for photos or images and that is what I expect to open, but I guess the correct technical word must be "document" so be it!   I did try again to open a photo as I had to do when I created the action and actually managed to correct the path to what it should now be... My reward was a "blue screen" that according to MS my "Action" was the cause of! Hmm. So I guess for the sake or saving what's worth saving of my little brain I'll forget about the editing and next time I move stuff around I'll simply redo the action and droplet with another variation name. As Clint Eastwood reminded us in one of his movie "A man's got to know it's limitations"!
                        Just the same I do appreciate your attempts to help me and help me to understand and thank you both :)

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                          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                          You still need not recreate the whole Action; you can just duplicate the Action in the Actions Panel, delete the offending step and record that anew if you are convinced that the edited step caused you problems.

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                            Michelmnr Level 1

                            Yes I guess so, but I don't do it often enough, and this seem to be rather cantankerous. I haven't been in situation where it would really be an important  time saver process. In my case I just open a pic, apply the 3 auto adjustments and made my size reduction then "saved as" in the desired folder - Since I seemed to remember you told me I should make a fresh droplet out of it I did so. And now it works perfectly. Yes I would have like to do it this way for future similar situations but seem to have too much trouble following the right way to do it!
                            when you say "duplicate the action" I guess you mean to record once more that step (such as save) correctly and  delete the previous faulty save step. I also tried to shift the second (duplicate "save" step above the faulty one (somehow I could not delete it!) Anyway although it looked right in the Action, I got that blue screen!  Thanks again :)