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    A suggestion...


      Would it not be more suitible to release mandatory updates mid month rather than the start/end when many customers are going to press and launching monthly issues.


      We have had a lot of problems today especially with sideloading and proofing. I just wondered if there is any pattern to a release or it goes out simply when its ready?





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          nmp_kristina Level 1

          I agree! We were just discussing this in the studio yesterday. We realize that not everyone is on the same schedule, but it would sure take the stress out of not being able to do what we need to do at the beginning/end of the month and have to report back to our clients about deadlines being missed.


          Just a thought...thanks for considering!

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            Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

            Our release dates are always highly dependent on other teams that are outside of our control. We often have a narrow window where we can release, and for this particular release it was May 2nd or nothing. When we know there will be a mandatory panel update (which we try to avoid as much as possible) we do pre-announce that the update is coming.


            We also know of many customers who publish mid-month, so honestly regardless of the date we pick it will hit someone's publication window. There are also many weekly (or even daily) publications.



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              Branislav Milic Level 1

              The promise of electronic publishing is that it should be faster than print with all the advantages (correcting a typo, interactivity, multimedia,), bla bla bla.


              Take into account that if you are not lucky and the Folio updater forces you to recreate your Folio the day of the deadline and then Apple takes the liberty to review the app during at least 2 weeks... It seems to me that we published faster in the 20th century... and we could smell the paper and the ink...

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                Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

                I do agree on the smell of ink. My mom used to be a librarian for a newspaper and her desk was on the same floor as the printing presses. I still love that smell.



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                  jkuhns5 Level 3

                  I still work in that smell...  Your not missing much, it's different now without all the voc's and other nastiness.  I can't wait to leave some of it behind!