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    Shockwave Crash in Chrome


      Hi Everyone,


      Since yesterday I have been experiencing constant crashes of Shockwave Flash Plugin. As a pensioner I am not too experienced with computers but have had great support here in the past! Can anyone help with this?


      I have disabled hardware acceleration to no effect.  Flash Player Version is and Chrome is up to date (18.0.1025.168). I have a Dell Inspiron 545. Windows 7 ( 32-bit) Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU  E5300  @ 2.60GHz   RAM 3.00GB.


      Many thanks,



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          Xircal Level 3

          In Google Chrome, Flash player is not a plugin. Instead, it's intergrated into the browser itself and updates automatically in the background.


          You need to check the Google database for clues to the problem which you can find here: Google Chrome Known Issues


          If you can't resolve the problem, post your questions on the Google Chrome Help forums, link at the foot of the above page because the Adobe forums where you are now only handle issues that are concerned with the Flash plugin.

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            Saved_n_kept Level 1

            Thanks Xircal,


            Have had a look at the Google Chrome Help Forum. Oh dear!!! Seems an awful lot of people are having the same problem! Guess I will just have to be patient. Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

              Can you type "about:flash" in Chrome's address bar and then paste the contents of the page in a reply?  If you have crash reporting enabled, we'll be able to see the crash id's and I can also try and follow up internally.




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                Saved_n_kept Level 1

                Thanks Chris,


                I have pasted below what I hope you are looking for. As I mentioned, I have enabled crash reporting but nothing seems to show up. Many thanks for your help.





                About Flash



                Google Chrome18.0.1025.168 (m)
                OSWindows 7 SP1
                Flash plugin11,2,202,235 C:\Users\Brian\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\18.0.1025.168\gcswf32.dll
                --- Crash data ---
                --- GPU information ---
                Graphics cardIntel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
                Driver display nameigdumdx32.dll
                Driver name (strong)oem3.inf:Intel.Mfg:iBLB0:\ven_8086&dev_29c2
                --- GPU driver, more information ---
                Vendor Id0x8086
                Device Id0x29c2
                Driver vendorIntel Corporation
                Driver version8.15.10.1930
                Driver date9-23-2009
                Pixel shader version2.0
                Vertex shader version0.0
                GL version
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                  chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                  Thanks Brian.  Could you post a screenshot the next time it crashes?  I want to make sure I understand the type of crash you're getting.

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                    Saved_n_kept Level 1

                    Will do Chris, but surprisingly I have not experienced another crash since yesterday!!! Perhaps it has taken fright at your arrival.