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    "Not a valid widget" error when trying to insert widget

    jumpyg2 Level 1

      I'm trying to create a widget for displaying a textbox with a scrollbar. I'm using Captivate 5 and Flash CS5 for Mac. I created the widget .swf file and it works great when I open it in FlashPlayer. However, I get the error "Not a valid widget" when using Insert > Widget.


      So then in Captivate I tried File > New Project > Widget in Flash. Then I chose Static widget (and AS 3.0 was the only option under Actionscript). I hit "OK" and then Flash opened. If I immediately save the file and publish the .swf and try to Insert > Widget from within Captivate, I get "Not a valid widget" again.


      Maybe I have the publish settings in Flash set incorrectly? It's hard to believe since I started the widget from within Captivate!


      Hope someone has an idea.