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    Removing CS5 After CS5.5 installation (MAC)




      I know this is a boring question but.....I bought the upgrade to CS5.5 from CS5 (Master Collection for MAC).  I thought it would ask be about removing old versions during install but it didn't. Now I have both CS5 AND CS5.5 installed.


      I know that inside each program folder (in Applicatioins) is an "Uninstall" program.  Should I just do that with each of the old versions? I am nervous that something weird might happen (removing part of the new versions).  Thank you in advance for your help.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Why would you uninstall the CS5 version? I recommend leaving it there. You may want to continue using it. Almost everyone that I know keeps the old versions around.


          That said, using the uninstaller for the old version shouldn't harm the new version. If by some odd chance it does, you can always re-install the CS5.5 version.

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            I too have the same question. CS5 does take up quite a bit of space on my hard drive and since I have never used it before I upgraded to 5.5, I don't really see a reason to keep it around. What are the benefits of keeping CS5 around?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              What are the benefits of keeping CS5 around?


              Well, the typical scenario is that you uninstall it today and tomorrow someone requests to send him a project done in an old version because he hasn't upgraded yet. That being said, if this is not a concern for you at all, simply get rid of it. All features in CS5 are also in CS5.5. The only other reason I can think of are some very specific compatibility issues with third-party video hardware and CoDecs...



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                NG604604 Level 1

                Thanks. That makes sense.

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                  I expected the stupid "keep them both" response from an unhelpful troll but not an Adobe employee. Keep them both? Why on earth would you do that? Why clutter your computer with those massive files. And to the guy that talked about the client wanting a previous version, have you ever heard of down-saving?


                  I wish someone would give a helpful answer to this ongoing question, and just tell us how to cleanly remove a previous version...or better yet I wish Adobe would include a clean out old versions option in the installer like any other reputable software company would.

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                    billkalpak Level 1

                    PS dragging to the trash doesn't remove all the system files the program created, and we have no way of knowing which the new version might use.

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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional

                      Adobe does provide a way to clean up all of its files.


                      And every professional I know who uses Adobe software tends to keep old versions around. I've got versions 5.5, 7, and 10 (CS5) kicking around my place at the moment and I hope to get 11 (CS6) if I can get my finances in order. (Pray for a big job to come my way.) I plan to install in on my system while keeping CS5 on there as well.

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                        billkalpak Level 1

                        I have worked in graphic and web design for about 15 years and went to design school before that... and I have NEVER in my life seen anyone keep the older versions of Adobe software around for more than a couple of weeks (just to be sure). CS5 takes up 15 GIGS of space. Why would anyone waste hard drive space uselessly like that? Especially people working with video.


                        I suspect the people saying "keep the old version" must work for Adobe because that's such a ridiculous answer. I have a good amount of hard drive space but I still wouldn't waste it on old versions of software that's no longer needed.

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                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                          It's not a ridiculous answer. It's a common and best practice.


                          Regarding disk space: Hard disks are cheap, and video professionals tend to have plenty of big hard disks because of our work that requires a lot of storage space.


                          And, no, Szalam and Mylenium don't work for Adobe. They are motion graphics professionals who speak from experience. In fact, if anyone would call me on a ridiculous answer, it would be Mylenium.


                          If you do want to remove the previous version from your system, then Szalam has given you a link to make sure that that is done thoroughly---but the recommendation still stands to instead keep the old version in case you need it.

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                            Szalam Adobe Community Professional

                            Yeah, Mylenium is quite public in his criticisms of Adobe at times.


                            And I wish I worked for Adobe. It seems like a fun place to work despite Mylenium's hars (constructive?) comments.


                            Billkalpak, perhaps the reason you haven't seen people keep the old versions is because you're used to dealing with graphic design and web design people. Us video folks don't see 15 GB as being a lot of hard drive space. I have over 25 terabytes of space on my working machine alone. Also since the video programs usually lack the backwards compatability that Photoshop and Illustrator has had, we sometimes have to keep the old versions around for the sake of business.

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                              billkalpak Level 1

                              You have 25 terabytes on your internal drive? Is that even possible? Because I'm not talking about externals. Anyway, I admittedly am not a film guy, I found this thread through googling and I will check out that link you sent but its just annoying that I have to download something else to uninstall some software cleanly. A basic thing users do all the time.


                              Also don't get me wrong I love Adobe but this issue is just one of a few annoying ones they constantly leave unanswered, and people like the original poster ask how to remove and instead of answering that question, Adobe (and others) tell him to keep it. But that wasn't his question....answer the man's question. Adobe has tons of users asking this because most DONT WANT TO KEEP OLD VERSIONS. Hard drive space is not THAT cheap, and there's no point in keeping old versions. None. Why would I ever need CS2? It would be taking up roughly 10 gigs a release x however many versions, PLUS all those hidden system files that build up enough and probably affect your computer's performance. No thanks. Just tell me how to clean out the old.


                              But I do thank you for the link...I will check it out and see if that is the fix we're all looking for.

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                                Szalam Adobe Community Professional

                                I have multiple hard drives inside the computer case as well as a RAID setup which I suppose is technically external...


                                Anyway, that link should do the trick for you.

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                                  billkalpak Level 1

                                  I won't lie, I'm pretty jealous haha