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    Why does moving to the Creative Cloud feel like such a risk?


      Like many people I am struggling with the decision whether or not to go for the Creative Cloud or just upgrade to a CS6 perpetual license.


      On the face of it I love everything the Creative Cloud has to offer, regular updates, access to all of Adobe's desktop apps & additional services, multiplatform (I could finally put Photoshop on my MacBook) and all for an acceptable price.


      What's bothering me is the uncertanty that shroulds the Creative Cloud!


      Adobe are basically asking me to subscribe to their Creative Cloud FOREVER with no exit strategy, give up my upgrade ability and if I decide to stop subscribing then I lose access to all my files unless I purchase a new perpetual licensed CS Suite AT FULL PRICE!


      Where's the love Adobe, I've been loyal to you for years and now you're saying that to get the best of your products & services you want to discard that loyalty, cut me off the second I stop paying your subscription and then treat me like a new customer off the street.


      I'd be more than happy to commit to a min 2 year plan if I had the confidence that I could retain use of the software (but lose the cloud services and upgrades obviously) if I cancel after that period and still retain my upgrade status.


      Surely that would be a better approach with no risk to small businesses. We know so little about where the Creative Cloud is going so why are you asking us to throw away our upgrade pricing advantage and potentially pay twice for the same software if we have to cancel?


      Unfortunately I never upraded to CS5.5 (I stuck with CS5 as I mainly use Photoshop which wasn't updated in 5.5) so I now have to make a decision in the next 2 days to buy CS5.5 and get the free upgrade to CS6, pay double to upgrade from CS5 to CS6 or go with the Creative Cloud.


      Shouldn't moving to the Creative Cloud be a no brainer rather than such a gamble & a risk for your customers?


      Ironically my obvious route is to upgrade to CS6 and wait and see what happens with the Cloud (I've got until August 31 to still get the introductory offer), surely that approach is not in Adobe's best interest ...


      P.S. I 'm also confused about when Lightroom 4 will be added to the Creative Cloud and why the delay?