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    iPad help with PDF forms


      I am using Adobe Pro 8 on a PC and created a fill in form.  I filled in the form using Adobe Reader 10.2 on an iPad2.  Emailed the filled out form to my PC and can see the filled out form in my email previewer.  However, when I save the file to my PC the data gets lost (blank form).  Any suggestions?

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          DarrellDykstra Adobe Employee



          I believe your question has been addressed in the Adobe Reader for iOS forum in this thread:




          The relevant text:


          "Some forms do not display correctly in the Desktop Reader if field highlighting is enabled. This is something we're actively working on, but you might try disabling field highlights by clicking on the button in the purple bar at the top of the Document in the Desktop Reader to see if that helps."


          Hope this information helps.  If this does not remedy your problem, please let me know via email at ddykstra@adobe.com.



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            Forensic_guy Community Member

            I disabled the field highlights as you suggested but that did not remedy the problem.

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              DarrellDykstra Adobe Employee

              The form in question appears to be a Static XFA Form that was authored by a tool like Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

              Unfortunately, Static XFA Forms are not supported by the 10.2 Reader Mobile Release (AcroForms are currently the only supported format).

              More unfortunately, it appears as though you can fill these types of forms with 10.2 Reader Mobile, but as you've discovered, it doesn't round trip to the Desktop.


              Filling Static XFA Forms has turned out to be a not-uncommon request for Mobile Reader so it is something we may be assessing for inclusion in an upcoming release.