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    Referencing a mxml component from an external class




      anyone knows how to reference a mxml component from an external class?

      The idea is to do what we did with AS2, root.instancename.


      Example quote of my external class:


      protected function stopCamara():void



      cameraStarted = false;

      btn.label = "Start Camera";;



      Example quote of mxml


      <s:SpriteVisualElement id="sv" includeIn="Caption" />


      <s:Button id="btn" includeIn="Caption" x="10" y="353" width="300" height="45" label="Start Camera" click="button1_clickHandler(event)" includeInLayout="true"/>


      and the error message is:


      -Access of undefined property sv/btn

      -1120: Access of undefined property sv/btn


      Anybody knows how to fix or how to understand what's going on,

      I have read a lot but all talk about instances from flash, not flex components



      best regards,