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    now we can download 1st week of june

    Don Hoye Community Member

      at todays webinar we were told download available 1st week of june

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          Gee I hope that is not true.  We have been waiting to test out this service from Adobe for some time. My clients are beginning to be a little frustrated by us not having quality cloud service. I don't think I can wait till June and I am not going to have my clients have to learn how to use one cloud service for a month and then learn another cloud service the next month.


          I actually use to be very loyal to Adobe but since I switched from PC to Mac I am discovering as a photographer and small business owner there are a lot of apps on the market other than Adobe that will do me just fine. And these Apps are less expensive. Adobe nolonger has the market to themselves so now I have all sorts of alternatives. I am seriously considering other solutions and I have given myself till next week to make up my mind and pull the trigger. It seems like Creative Cloud has a lot of possibilities but there are way too many unknows to go with it without giving it a serious test run.