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    Confused about getting my lovely DPS publication onto Newsstand

    10tenren Level 1

      We have developed a version of a magazine specifically for Ipad using DPS. Ideally we want to be on Newsstand. We are DPS Pro users, and have produced a sampler and also an all-singing all-dancing kick-*** DPS edition. We don't want to commit at this stage to how many editions we'll produce on Newsstand in any given time period, until we see how well the uptake is - but it seems that we have to commit to defining subcription periods and have an auto-renewal subscription model in place. Will DPS let me deploy in Newestand and just sell my new editions at the cover price as they become available?


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated from anyone who's walked the path we're about to tread?!


      Thanks in advance!