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    How to install a Java Servlet?

    tinu8805 Level 1
      hi cracks

      Sorry for the simple and probably silly questions ...

      I downloaded a test Java servlet from http://www.dlsoft.com/downloads/downldjava.htm to display. However, I don't know how to install that, besides not knowing what I need as a prerequisite.

      We run Apache 2.0.59 and CF 7.0.2.

      That servlet, do I need something like Tomcat for or can I introduce it to the system by having CF serving it?

      The servlet needs only be run from inside a CFML page.

      Can anybody point me how to configure CF to deal with that servlet?

      Thank you

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          cecropin Level 1

          The following URL tells you how to invoke the servlet/jsps http://livedocs.macromedia.com/coldfusion/7/htmldocs/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/wwhelp.htm ?context=ColdFusion_Documentation&file=00001564.htm

          You will of course need to 1)deploy the servlet files to the appropriate location and 2)configure appropriate servlet mappings in web.xml for your JRun instance. Since you didn't make any reference to an external J2EE app server I'm assuming you're running w/ the built-in JRun server that CF MX7 will install with.

          I haven't actually done this myself with the built-in JRun instance, but I think it should work. I think you need to do some additional research on the architecture of CF MX, because CF will actually not be rendering the servlet. CF is effectively a J2EE app that is running on top of some J2EE app server. That app server is what is actually rendering your servlet as well as CF. So to configure the servlet you're actually configuring the app server that is running beneath ColdFusion.

          If you run into specific problems while configuring this I'll try to be more specific in my answers.

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            I understand that JRun is a servlet engine. And I understand that the Enterprise Edition includes JRun and therefore, that is why Java Servlets can be used with Enterprise Edition. If CF is running on top of some J2EE app server, what is the app server that is used with the Standard edition of CF? If it isn't JRun?
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              cecropin Level 1
              I may be mistaken, but I believe standard edition utilizes JRun as well. It simply runs on a low scale version that is dedicated to running the core ColdFusion "engine/application". This version of JRun would not be capable of providing standard JRun J2EE functionality such as rendering JSPs, servlets, EJBs, etc...