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    Most efficient way of changing still image frame rates?


      I'm using Premiere CS5.5 and have been having issues with the audio/video going out of sync when I upload my video to Vimeo (it's not out of sync prior to uploading it...it only happens after they transcode it). The Vimeo support staff says the problem is that I'm using a variable frame rate, but since there isn't any option (to my knowledge) to choose a constant or variable framerate in Premiere/Adobe Media Encoder, I think I have identified the problem. The primary footage that I shot with is 23.976 fps and that is what my sequence settings and output settings have been, but I also have a lot of still images that I'm using for b-roll, which I finally noticed are 29.97 fps. I changed the Intermediate Media Timebase setting to 23.976 fps in the preferences, but my question now is if there is an efficient way to change the frame rate of all those still images without having to re-import them and re-apply all the various motion effects/key framing that I've already spent a lot of time on?


      Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.