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    How do I use a different background image on html files built from template?


      I am in the process of developing a website using Dreamweaver CS5. I have created a template (.dwt) and all of the style sheets (css).  I am now ready to create the html files built off the template.  Here is my dilemia though...


      I want each of my html files to have a different background image in the footer (don't ask why - I'll try and post a link to the website once it is live and it will make sense...). 


      In my style sheets, I have created classes for each of these various footers (example: .footerHome OR  .footerAbout, etc.....).  Now my only problem is, when I create the html files built off the template, I am unable to change the class since it is not in an editable region.  And when I try to adjust the editable region to include the entire footer, it breaks some other stuff. 


      Of course I could scrap the template all together and just create the html files, however, the template is a huge time saver for making changes in the future that affect every page in the site. 


      Any suggestions?  Thanks!