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    Folio size input reverses


      When I create a new folio and put in the demensions of 1024 wide x 1200 high, dps is flipping the dimensions so that it reads as 1200 x 1024 on the folio builder indesign panel and also on the folio producer. Seems like the dps is taking the longest dimension and automatically making it the width.


      I can upload my indesign file fine, however my ipad will not recognize the folio in the Adobe Content Viewer to be previewed. Is this because my ipad thinks that the file is 1200 wide? I have tried several combinations of options concerning smooth scrolling and even reversing page orientation and dimensions. I need a smooth scrolling application. (I looked on the forum for this already but didn't find anything.)

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Did you use the _h suffix in the file name.





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            jkuhns5 Level 3

            If you are trying to setup a smooth scrolling article in a folio....


            1. Setup the folio for 1024x768

            2. As bob sais, put _h at the end of the inDesign docs file name.

            3. Make sure that document and it's links are in their own folder.

            4. In the folio builder panel, choose import to add the article and choose the folder with the inDesign doc.

            5.  I have found in the import dialogue box, when choosing smooth scrolling, I have had to choose scroll in both direction, even though it would only scroll in one direction.


            This should work, I have done it many times myself, with great success.