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    Numeral is vanishing when I try to place it into layer over an placed image.


      I am preparing a document/catalog. Each image has a white-ish number in the lower left corner that is place on a black square. I've had to add and move a few photos which necessitates changing the numbers in several of the images. My problem is: As I move the black squares to the proper position in the image, the numerals are not moving with the black square even though I've made the numeral and the square a group. ALso, there is now a + sign in the right hand text bounding box port. I can see that the numeral disappears at the bottom edge or left hand edge of the photo. The black square goes into position but the numeral won't. Photo 1 shows after, photo 2 shows before I attempt to move the

      numbersquare into position. I am using CS5.NumeralVanishesProblem.png NumeralProblem02.png


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