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    AAaargh!  Ai prefs file becomes 'corrupted' several times a day.  Please help.

    Todd-sta Level 1

      I get the following error several times a day.... after I reboot Illustrator due to it's horrible, buggy, design.  I've been putting up with this for 17 years.... multiple version.anyway.... now I am getting this error constant


      I see where corrupted fonts can cause this.... so I just uninstalled my Biststream Font Navigator... and installed Extensis Suitcase Fusion 3 - - - because they said it could discover corrupted fonts.  It did discover a single font, which I deleted. 


      Still getting the error.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.


      Windows 7 Pro

      Asus motherboard

      Intel i7

      Ram: 12 gb

      Hard drives: 3 internal

      Graphics Card: Nvidia GT8000


      ai prefs error.jpg