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    InDesign CS5 not deleting .idlk files when it didn't crash! I can't open files until I delete them!


      I am running InDesign SC5 v 7.0.4 on a Mac running OSx v10.6.8.

      For some reason my InDesign has stopped deleting the .idlk files for most projects even if the software didn't crash. Oddly enough, our CS4 version on a different computer (different serial #) has started doing it as well. I'm starting to think someone invented a virus to drive graphic designers crazy! ;-)


      I usually can't go to my "recent files" menu and open a file because I will inevitably get the locked message. We don't use InCopy here, so it's not some kind of a conflict there, and my coworker is a Quark guy and doesn't use my files over the network.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.