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    My book is gone… Has it been saved somewhere

    Julien Deka

      Hi Everyone,


      I was testing Lightroom 4 Beta and I prepared a Blurb Book... I worked on it over a period of several days, and it was find, always there... It kind of automatically saved, once it has been created, for what I understood.


      Today I was working on a photoshop file to creat a cover for it (no template allowing me to do what I needed inside of Lightroom), and that was the last step before to send it to print.


      I had to navigate into the Library module to send pictures to photoshop. And when I get back to the Book module... it was all reset. No picture, only a 2 pages empty project.


      I quited without saving anything, hoping to get the software back to where it was, but it didn't work. It seems I lost all my work.


      I'm not familliar with apps that save projects on there own. Where is my book? How can I get it back?


      Thanks in advance for helping me...