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    Is an Adobe ID and activation required to use my CS6 app?

    Kim Isola Adobe Employee

      Yes. Adobe ID's enable online activation of your CS6 app.


      What is online activation, and why is it required?

      Online activation is a process in which an Adobe app connects to Adobe servers, and is then associated with the computer on which it's being used. It helps Adobe ensure that the software you're installing is genuine Adobe software, and protects you from inadvertently installing counterfeit software.


      When and how do I activate my app?

      Within seven days after you launch your Creative Suite 6 app for the first time, you'll need to do the following-- otherwise, it will stop working:


      Adobe ID sign in. (Use your existing Adobe ID or create a new one. Your CS6 app will prompt you to sign in.)

      Online activation. (This happens silently, in the background.)

      Online serial number validation. (Also happens silently, in the background.)


      What if I'm not online, how do I activate my app?

      In your app launch screen, click the “I cannot access the Internet” link and follow the prompts.



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