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    Crossgrade Complaint


      I would like to issue a formal complaint against Adobe. I paid hundreds of dollars to use the Adobe CS5 production suite for my Mac. Now my Mac is no more and I own a PC, and I want to use it on the PC. Unfortunately, I cannot find the disks anymore, and it appears that in order to crossgrade, I would have to pay hundreds of more dollars to upgrade before allowed to do so. This is ridiculous. I bought the software. I have a license. I should be able to use it. I love some of the Adobe products, but if I cannot use it on my computer, then I will never recommend Adobe to anyone. It would be nice if Adobe would show some respect to their customers and allow us to use the software we paid for.

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          The fact is the installation media and the serial number that you have for Mac will not work on Windows ,  and the crossplatform swap is provided only for the latest version.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Issue a formal complaint? For what?




            You bought a license for Creative Suite 5 for Mac. Then you tossed Mac aside and bought a Windows machine. Even if you could find the disks it would do you no good. The Mac and Windows installers are not interchangeable. That is not Adobe’s problem. Adobe has had a very long policy of allowing crossgrades but as Manish mentioned, only for current products. As of today that’s CS5.5 so you are not eligible for a crossgrade.




            Your best bet right now is to buy that CS5.5 upgrade and get a free copy of CS6 in the bargain. You have until tomorrow. After that you’re looking at CS6 which will cost you hundreds of dollars more…or you could move to Creative Cloud and pay $29.99 month for the first year for the entire Master Collection and you’ll get Mac and Windows versions.





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              matles777 Level 1

              I didn't just toss Mac aside. My Mac is broken, and I don't have the money to buy another $1300 machine. And it is Adobe's problem because it's simply a system they have set up in order to make more money. It's wrong. They only allow crossgrades on updated versions because it makes them more money. There is no reason I shouldn't be allowed a crossgrade and be allowed to download a trial version of each element and then put in my serial number. It's all about making money.

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Really? And how far back should that go? CS5? CS4? CS3?




                You did nail it though…Adobe is in business to make money. Do you think this software they sell develops itself? It costs money…and a lot of it…to develop software and the money if recouped through sales.




                Contrary to your own belief, you are not a loyal customer. Loyal customers upgrade EVERY version and the policies that Adobe have in place are becoming more and more friendly only to those customers. Beginning in 2013 only customers on current versions will be given upgrade pricing. Everyone else will have to go to Creative Cloud or pay full price.




                You can continue to complain if you want but come Monday it’s going to cost you a lot more to upgrade.




                And just to be clear, I don’t work for Adobe so your decision doesn’t mean anything to me one way or the other. While I may be coming off as cold, I’m simply giving you the facts and trying to help you save some money if you have any intention of continuing to work with Creative Suite applications. There are plenty of cheap or even free, open source alternatives though I’ll go out on a limb and say none are as good as Adobe’s.




                When all is said and done, it’s your money. Spend it…or don’t spend it…as you wish.





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                  I am very much in the same position.  About 3 months ago my Mac died, I moved to Windows as it made more sense, and my CS5 that I bought in June of 2010 is useless to me.  I tried to do a crossgrade, but was informed I would have to upgrade first (I just bought a new PC, I can't afford to upgrade as well, plus I don't need CS5.5, nor do I need CS6 now, CS5 was fine).  Yes I understand what you are saying Bob, however, I paid $2500 for the CS3 Master Collection in 2008, and another $1200 for the CS5 upgrade in 2010, and now I can either pay $1200 to upgrade to CS6, or just write off the $3700 I've invested so far for good (for a whole 4 years worth of use).  Unfortunately I don't have the money to upgrade, so I only have one option.  I wish in a way Adobe was like the other applications I use in that they came licensed for both Windows and Mac OS X (so it was simply a matter of re-installing them).  To say I'm frustrated is putting it mildly.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    I understand, but that’s pretty much the reason for Creative Cloud.




                    Reasonable, easy to predict pricing and while you continue to receive two activations you can choose Mac, Windows, or both. You’ll always have the most current version available and you’ll know exactly what it’s going to cost.




                    It’s worth considering.





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                      Zaph0n Level 1

                      Unfortunately it's not a cost I can afford right now.  Buying a new PC was already more than I could afford.  I just want to continue to use the software I already have invested in, and sadly I can't do that.  Plus I really don't need any of the new features at this point, which is why I hadn't upgraded to CS5.5 either.  I just haven't seen a justification to do so, and would continue to not do so until I saw a reason to.  I wish I could have afforded a new Mac instead of PC, but as I am between jobs, it just wasn't even an option (I got way more machine than I had, and paid a fraction of what a similarly configured Mac would have cost).  Sadly my lesson is learned.

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                        matles777 Level 1

                        Yes. It should go back to CS3 or 4, because if something like this happens you should be able to use the software you paid for. If you are like me, you can't afford upgrades and don't even need them if you could. It sounds to me like Adobe is just finding more ways to get money out of people with their new 2013 policies, and I shouldn't have to pay a monthly fee to use my software. It doesn't cost Adobe to give me a crossgrade SN and let me download my software.

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                          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          Well, as I said, I’m just the messenger here.




                          You have your decisions to make.




                          Good luck.





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                            Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                            We understand your point but as Bob said we are not the one who decides what to do and how to do in Adobe , we are the user of Adobe software and try and help out here.


                            As per Adobe perspective , they develop software and these software run on the OS , Windows and Mac , and both have completly different technology and structure , that why Adobe has to keep it mark and do the thinks accordingly , as I already said they try and help the people the best they can and they have defined policies for this so that thinks can work in proper manner and in systematic way.


                            Mainting the archieve version of the software , providing installer and serial number fro them , why would a company do so when they have team developing software , maintaining , making them better for people like you and me , We can't get stuck  in this rapid changing world and so is Adobe, we have to move on.We need to have new things and new features.


                            Bob is right at his point and that why we are trying to help you , providing you options that we would have opted if we would have been at your place , Think , why would company provide the free latest version with the older version purchase , they know they have big family of people who are using there software and they want to help them with changing world.


                            honestly , we can go round and round but this is not gonna lead anywhere , with CCM and CS6 , lot of thinks will change , we can be in or out.

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                              Zaph0n Level 1

                              Yup, and I'm doing what I have to do, moving on.  I'll mark it up to a $3700 mistake, and try and find an alternative.  I have never once asked for a free upgrade to CS5.5 or CS6, I simply want to continue to use the CS5 that I have rightfully paid for, and can no longer make use of because I switched OS's (I'm unemployed, my Mac Pro died, I couldn't afford another Mac Pro, so I bought a Windows PC and plugged my Cintiq into it, and am desperately trying to find another job while doing some small side jobs).  When I requested the crossgrade, I didn't find any information that implied that I would have to upgrade to do so, and was taken aback by the response I received.  I get it, up until now they have developed and sold them as separate products, but I was always under the impression that I could do the crossgrade once.  It's my personal mistake, and I recognize that, and I will also do the only thing I can in the future, vote with my wallet.


                              Thanks for all the responses, and good luck.

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                                Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                                There is a website which keep the Adobe archive software , i.e prodesigntools.com , you can download the windows version from there and install it.


                                However I cannot provide you the serial number that is something you have to buy, but still you can use the software for 30 days trial , something is better then nothing.