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    Photoshop Elements 9 Installation Problems


      I was working wtih PSE9 tonight and for some reason, my pc just up and died.  When i rebooted and tried to get in to PSE9, it kept on shutting down  as soon as I would get into the organizer.  I tried to reinstall the application over the top of the current load, but it kept wanting to uninstall the current version that was on the PC.  I decided to go ahead and uninstall and then reinstall, but the uninstall gets an error 1316.  I have followed instructions from the web to manually install this application; however when I try to run the install disk, it continues to want to uninstall rather than reinstall and it fails giving me an error 1316 again.  Error 1316 states that "a network error occured while attempting to read from the file C:\windows\installer\adobephotoshopelements9.msi"


      I have downloaded iobit uninstaller and I have removed every file that it could find, but with no luck.  the install disk continues to want to uninstall it and gives me an error and then closes. 


      Any ideas?