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    Save a portion of a pdf as another pdf?


      I'm on Mac, OS 10.6.8, Snow Leopard.


      I just upgraded to Acrobat X Pro from version 8.  With the v8 print driver, I could display a portion of a pdf file, then print that view, fitted to the size paper I wanted, and create a new pdf file of just that portion of the original pdf.


      With Acrobat X, in the print window I follow that procedure, then since there's longer an Acrobat printer, I click on the 'Printer' Button which gives me the system print window.  Again, I can't choose Acrobat printer because there isn't one, so I click on the 'PDF' button and can then choose 'Save as Adobe PDF'.  I then get a message that "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported.  Instead, choose File > Save"


      The problem is that I can't use Save to create just a portion of a pdf file.  There isn't any choice for that when you save or save as!  I've also tried to 'Take a Snapshot' from the Edit menu, but again going to Print, I can't print to PDF.  I get the same 'not supported' message as before.


      So can you no longer create a pdf file from a portion of another larger pdf?  I'm an architect and deal with large drawings all the time. 24 inches by 36 inches or larger.  I often need to create a pdf of just a detail within a drawing to then email to someone.  Is my only choice to reinstall the Acrobat 8 printer driver somehow so that I can get that capability back?


      What's the point of having that 'Save to Adobe PDF' if you can't use it for anything?