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    User Forums and Adobe

    Curt Y Level 7

      I participated in the CS6 beta forum, and I can say it was a delightful experience.  While there was the usual roster of knowledgeable responders from the user public but there was also a high presence of Adobe personnel that were very familiar with the inner workings of the program.


      Questions were answered quickly and where an answer was not known the question was routed to someone in Adobe that would investigate and respond.  I realize this was their job, as a beta testing platform, and they could not afford to run User Forums this way.


      In some forums these is a resident expert, that has knowledge of how the program is built, that pops in frequently to handle the tougher questions.  Chris Cox in Photoshop and Jeff Schewe in Camera Raw forums are two shining examples I am familiar with.  Perhaps other Forums have "experts" as well.


      I don't know how many forums have a "go to" expert.  It would be a great help to the Users and Adobe if the top responders had a contact to get extra help on the 2% of the questions that just hit the wall with no apparent User offered solutions.