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    histogram fails to show exif info

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      I shoot in raw, I import into lightroom by doing a sync folder. Then I edit my picture using photoshop cs6. I save it as a jpeg. Finally I export this image as a jpeg to a sub folder called Publish, which means its ready for the web.

      problem is when i look at image in lightroom on the right side the histogram has no details, it wont show iso, fstop or anything.

      why is all this data gone? if I look at my original RAW file i can see the exif info in the histogram but on my final exported image its all gone.

      why is this and can it be fixed?


      furthmore it looses all its tags and meta data, I have to copy the metadata back to this file.

      it would be nice if lightroom would reinsert the meta info and exif once its reimported into lightroom.

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          ninjapimp Level 1

          maybe i'm doinh something wrong in my workflow. This problem only came recently when I started using LR4


          I import my pictures using Nikon transfer

          than I use View NX to Rename, Tag and delete what i consider bad images.

          now I geotag them using a program called Geosetter.


          finally i go into lightroom 4 and tell it to sync folder 2012

          it finds the images with no problems.

          i go into my folder ie 2012-05-05

          next I stack my images, since i shoot hdr i usually end up with 5 images that are part of a bracket set.


          here is where my confusion and problems begin.

          i have a metadata preset already made "meta info"

          it has my name, and all other details i want each image to have.

          but after i sync my folder this meta info does not apply.

          is there a way after a sync to make it automatically do this.

          problem is i tend to forget.


          so i do this manually. I high light all images on the folder than on right side panel i slect from drop down my Meta info

          it applies ok.


          now i start my post work, i edit file (as original) in photoshop. do what I need and than save it as a jpeg, full rez and full size.

          now i go back to lightroom where my picture i edited appears, as it does not from my photoshop editing.

          but its missing exif info and meta data info also. in fact its been stripped of all data


          at this point i dont know what to do

          so i pick the original raw file right click and select "metadata presets" > copy

          a box appears and it lets me select what fields to copy. I copy.

          now i select the photoshop edited file and right click paste meata data info.

          i double check and the info is good its all normal again.


          here is my dilemma

          if I upload this image to flickr or the web it looks different than what it looks on my computer

          i dont know why and i'm guessing is because it has lightroom adjustments to it

          so my workaround is to Export this picture.


          I right click and choose export to hard drive, and export with full size and res as a jpeg.


          now when i upload this exported JPEG it looks identical to one on my computer but serious problem

          exif and meta info have been stripped

          i dont get it??? i did not tell it to do this


          so i try to copy meta info from the original file but it fails

          it lets me do it but info simply wont stick

          i open file in windows explorer to verify and its NOT read only.


          so i'm at a loss

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            ninjapimp Level 1

            what i'd like to try and find out is why does it do this and can it be corrected.

            i find it frustrating that I my workflow has to be so complicated


            I suspect the problem starts when I export 5 images to photomatix pro

            it than reimports this into lightroom

            now the image is missing most of my info on it


            should i not simply be able to copy info from one image and paste it to another?

            I try this but it fails


            it will do some but clearly misses alot of details

            you may ask like what?

            original RAW has

            exposure 3.0 sec at f2.8

            focal length 70

            focal length 35mm 105mm

            exposure bias 0ev

            iso speed  iso 100

            flash did nto fire

            exp pro, manual

            metering.. pattern






            user comment



            now if i look at the file that photomatix pro created, which i edit in photoshop and save as jpeg its missing stuff, so I copy meta info from original and paste. below is what it shows.

            exposure .8 sec at f2.8

            focal length 70

            iso speed 100

            model nikon






            so why does it remove the rest?

            why when I copy info and paste it does not stick?


            can someone show me a way that does work


            i simply want to copy all details of one image and paste it onto the JPEG image that i'm going to upload to flickr.

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              ninjapimp Level 1

              also sometimes i dont use photoshop and just use lightroom Develop module to fine tune an image

              this image can't be uploaded to flickr I must export it.

              I export it as a jpeg


              ah i think i found something

              in meta data info, i had copy right only selected.

              so now i select all

              and my exported image kept its details.


              but i still can't copy info from one image to another,

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                another problem i'm having a hard time which might be related.

                i select my images in lightroom on right side I pick the meta data preset "meta data info"

                it asks me if i want it on all or selected, i say all. i see progress bar and does them all

                now i verify i go to one of the images and nope, it does not have the meta data info i just selected


                what wont the meta info stick?

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                  ninjapimp Level 1

                  i also have problems with stacked images

                  is there a way to select all images within a stack?

                  i think part of the problem is i highlight all images in a folder and try to apply a preset meta data

                  but it fails

                  because even though it asks me to all images, it does not do it

                  it seems to do it the ones i high lighted but not to the one stacked


                  is there a way to highlight every single image in a folder even if there are stacks?


                  the only way i can do it is to expand each stack and then select them which is tedious as i have many many stacks

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                    ninjapimp Level 1

                    wh is it when i create a stack, it makes a mess of it?

                    my images appear from darkest to lightest -ev3 to +ev2

                    i highlight them then select stack

                    but once stacked the brightest image is now first image on stck and darkest is next

                    the expected result after stacking is it to retain the original order in which i stacked it in


                    how to fix or prevent light room for messing this up?

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                      dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

                      Can you make a summary out of all these posts? It's really hard to help when you have to spend half an hour just to understand the problem.

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                        ninjapimp Level 1

                        hmm that is my summary

                        just treat each post as part of the summary


                        in essence:

                        exif data wont copy from image to image

                        meta info won't stick


                        then i'm trying to understand a good workflow perhaps the way i do things causes issues.

                        i dont import instead i sync a folder is how I import


                        is it me or does lightroom seem so buggy or is there a reason why it fails

                        if i copy n paste i expect the destination to keep the changes


                        how to copy the exif data from one image onto a jpeg? why does it lose data info and why wont the info stick after i copy it?


                        should i try using a third party app to copy exif from one file to another? for some reason lightroom just wont do it.


                        so when i upload my jpeg to flickr and go to exif info on the picture i just uploaded, its missing the data??? even though I manually copy on my computer b4 the upload.