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    Batch actions aren't streamlined when including a 3rd party software

    agadioma Community Member

      I use Topaz Denoise as part of a batch process I do to my photos.  Before I tried CS6, I was able to work on other things while Photoshop was going through the batch process in the background.  Now I have to have PS as the 'front' window or else it will pause after the denoise step.  For example, if I'm using my internet browser right now to write this while Photoshop is going through the batch process, I have stop typing in this window, click on the Photoshop window in order for the batch to continue, and then click back on my browser window in order to complete this sentence.  Even if I go run errands and leave Photoshop to run this batch, it still gets stuck on that step and doesn't continue unless I move my mouse around.  It's kind of pointless to have this batch process if I have to babysit my computer just to make sure it's running.