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    I Had CS5 Extended and the Installer Upgraded me to the CS6 Standard Version

    gswetsky Community Member

      Can someone explain this to me in terms I can understand?


      I was happily running CS5 Extended which I purchased about a year ago.


      I installed the CS6 Beta and it installed the Extended version, which I assumed was the only beta available.


      I pre-ordered CS6 about a week ago.  When the script asked me what version I had, I checked CS5 Extended.  It made no reference to CS6 Extended nor did it ask me which version I wanted.


      I just downloaded and installed CS6 about an hour ago.  I removed the CS6 Beta first as instructed.  I registered the install with the serial number I was given.


      I now have CS6 Standard!  What must I do to get the Extended version I was previously running?


      (Also, there is a bug still extant in CS6 Bridge I was going to report the other day only to discover Adobe had made the CS6 Beta forum Read Only.  Let's get this Standard versus Extended problem fixed first.)



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          CR Henderson Community Member

          Sounds as if the serial number Adobe gave you is for the standard version.  Perhaps a mistake on their part or perhaps an ordering error somewhere along the line.


          I have the CS5 Design Premium and I also have CS4 Extended.  I decided not to upgrade the CS5 DP so I just upgraded CS4E to CS6E.  No problems at all with the install so far.


          Oops, a problem!  Camera Raw as shipped with CS6 does NOT support the Canon 5D Mark III.  What a bummer.  Looks as if Adobe dropped the ball.


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