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    Icon-making: Photoshop + Illustrator?

    FlashKatt Level 1

      I have Design Premium CS5 (soon to have CS6) and want to know whether, among InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, do we have everything we need to make icons, cross-platform, all the sizes that might be needed and into a delivery form that any platform can utilize?


      I know that I can create icons with Illustrator and Photoshop; I'm really inquiring here about the post-creation delivery and cross-platform compatibility of the creative product in a form that others can use as icons.


      thank you!



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          emil emil Level 4

          By saying delivery of creative products, do you mean files? File formats are software related not platform related and you should have no problems if the recipients of your files have the software that can use these files.

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            FlashKatt Level 1

            I do mean files. Put another way, if I do my creative work in CS5 on Mac OS X, will those files be able to "live" as icons on Windows, Linux and OS X?


            Also are there tutorials instructing the proper way to create icons?...the various sizes, the correct formats for the various platforms..etc..


            thank you!



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              Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I guess that depends on if you have a way to save to the correct formats. On windows an icon can be in the form of an ico, exe or dll. The latter two usually are created with an app that can compile code like visual studio. But a google search may provide a free app. Downloads.com is usually a good place to look. that can convert to at least ico format.

              At this point none of the Adobe apps are capable of exporting to any of the formats that I mentioned. but they all can export as a png, tiff or jpg which most 3rd party apps can read.

              I never tried porting from Mac to Windows or visa-versa, but I do believe some formats like tiff do have to be told which platform your file will be living on. Though someone else will have to confirm or deny that.

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                emil emil Level 4

                Icons are images. If the the specific use of these icons is unknown then a popular image file format should be enough. If these icons are made for specific users then these users should specify their requirements.  If these icons will be used by  programmers for building UI elements of software then these programmers will know what to do with the icons delivered in a popular image file format. The designer of the icons doesn't need to care about that.

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                  I like IcoFX. You can run it on your Mac with Wine.