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        Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

        New look, and a newer look . . .


        I was wondering about the grey folks were talking about here. Everything was a rather sparse white for me. Then I refreshed my browser, and BAM! it's grey. Too weird.

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          Phillip M Jones Level 4

          mytaxsite.co.uk wrote:




          It appears they have done away with points and the red "meatballs".  Can not see them listed in user profile either.



          Yes it is all gone and I think it is good thing because some people in DW forums thought that they have some god given rights to abuse some posters because they have clocked up some 50,000 points over the past 15 years!!!!.


          IMHO all users should be equal and nobody should be shunned or insulted unnecessarily.


          That won't make a difference They have had the same Attitude since DreamWeaver was a MacroMedia Product I had DW since two versions  behing the Studio 8 Package and attempted to ask 4 questions in That time I did not receive som much as an acknowledgement of my questions. I ended up finding out for myself. Unaware if the the method I used was correct. Its more of a Who'sWho Club than giving answers to anyone's questions.


          I don't care about the points but they could acknowledge how long you've bee a member. example counting my DW experience I've been a member since 2002

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            station_one Level 3

            Forum admin has announced that sausages and points are coming back.

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              Kami Bambiraptor Level 2

              Eccchhhhh. Even more wasted space.


              I think I'm gone, not that it matters.

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