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    Simple Progress Bar Help!

    Chad Luke

      Hi all!


      I'm working on several eLearning projects and I'm hoping someone can help with a simple course progress bar.  I have 5 images that I'm using to show the learner's progress through the course.  I need to be able to drop this into multiple courses with varying lengths so, I was thinking I could have it update based on the percentage of the course viewed. 


      The first image looks like this:


      and finishes looking like this:


      I've been toying around with Advanced Actions to try and make this work but, Ive reached a point where I'm stumped.  Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You say that you already have tried with Advanced Actions? How would you define the 'percentage of course viewed'? Is that based on the number of slides (would be easiest) or on the duration as is visible in the TOC (more complicated)? And please tell which version of CP you are using.


          Some system variables that could be useful are: rdinfoCurrentSlide and rdinfoSlideCount (if number of slides used for percentage), rdinfoCurrentFrame, rdinfoFrameCount and rdinfoFPS if you want % duration. Have a look at my blog post:

          Display Time Information


          You will have to use an advanced conditional action on entering each slide to check the progress. And the possibility to show/hide objects that are set to display for the rest of the project.


          Answer my questions and I'll try to help.


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            Chad Luke Level 1

            Thank you for the swift replies. 

            To answer your questions:


            I'm using CP 5.5. 

            My thoughts around using "percentage of course viewed" is using a show/hidw function for each image based on how far into the course the user gets so, at 25% the next image shows, then at 50% the next, until the progress bar is full at 90% (showing outro slides).


            Here's a screenshot of my Advanced Actions.


            I am going thru your blog now.


            Thanks for your help.

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              Chad Luke Level 1



              I looked at this link earlier and downloaded the CP file.  It's based on actions by the learner.  I'm looking for somerthing that updates as the learner views the course.  Thank you for your response.

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                Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                OK, I see that you want the percentage based on the Frames, not on the slides. But you need to calculate the percentage on entering each slide. And then check if it is between two values (0-0.25; 0.25 - 0.50...). You have to be aware that the percentage will not change within a slide, only on entering a slide.


                Create a user variable v_perc to store that percentage, and a user variable v_start to store the first frame of each slide. Both variables will be reused on each slide.The total number of frames in the project is fixed and = rdinfoSlideCount. It is now pretty late here (almost midnight), do not feel up to really creating the action, but you'll need several decisions:

                Decision 1: mimicked standard action by using IF 1 is equal to 1, THEN Assign v_start with rdinfoCurrentFrame; Expression v_perc = v_start/rdinfoSlideCount

                Decision 2: IF v_perc <= 0.25 ....

                Decision 3: IF v_perc >0.25 AND >=0.50 ...

                Decision 4: IF V...


                Hope you get the idea?



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                  Chad Luke Level 1

                  Hi Lilybiri,


                  How are you?  I hope your weekend was a good one.  Your suggestions were great!  With a little tweaking I was able to get it to work!  Your article on Hide and Seek from your blog helped with how I needed to set up my graphics do display properly. 


                  I did want to mention that I had to use the following expression:

                  Expression v_perc = v_start/rdinfoFrameCount

                  Instead of:

                  Expression v_perc = v_start/rdinfoSlideCount


                  Once I plugged it in... it worked like a charm!  Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!


                  Cheers to you!

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                    Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    My bad, that was a typo. I'm very tired at this moment



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                      Chad Luke Level 1

                      No worries.  I appreciate your time to help me out.  Thank you.

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                        mtb Level 1

                        Hi Lilybiri,


                        I'm also interested in creating a custom progress bar like chadluke_zones, however I'm confused about how to go about setting this up. 


                        Is there a tutorial somewhere that steps through this whole process? 





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                          Chad Luke Level 1

                          I will be posting this process soon.  I'm setting up a test project without using corporate graphics to avoid legal issues.  I'll re-post to this thread once I have it set up.

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                            mtb Level 1

                            Wonderful! Thank you chadluke_zones, I look forward to learning how to do this.